The Waseca Area Foundation is a community fund in Waseca, Minnesota. This is a redesign of a 24 page annual report. About 2,500 copies were printed and mailed to the Board of Directors, community partners and donors. 
The 2019 design had more of a newsletter feel. There are 3 different area funds and my approach was to introduce color to visually separate the different funds to make it easier for community to understand the information. The next several images show the before (2019) and after (2020) designs. 
The formatting remained similar and this year an infographic was created for a new funding model called Gifts of Grain.
"We have worked with Vikki for 2 years as she has provided her time and talents in creating our 24 page annual reports in addition to infographic files. Her professional finished work in addition to her timely response and very personal demeanor leads me to highly recommend her services! You will not be disappointed. We had more viewers than ever comment on how well the report was laid out as well as how eye catching it was. Much thanks to Vikki!" ~ Amy Potter, Executive Director, Waseca Area Foundation

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