Modular origami is a paper folding technique that uses multiple sheets of paper to create a larger and more complex structure than would be possible using single-piece origami techniques. Each individual sheet is scored, folded and glued to assemble each modules into a three-dimensional structure.
It takes 20 individual folded modules to create one of my pieces. I use heavy archival cardstock and each "center" has a beautiful bead that adds to the support of the structure. It takes about 3 days to make one piece.
I think my love of paper began with the first job I had after earning my degree in graphic design working for a local paper merchant. Back then, there were over a dozen different paper mills and hundreds of lines of paper. The textures, patterns and colors where endless. Our studio was filled with samples from all the different mills.
The first piece of origami I made was for an AIGA (national organization for graphic design) charity event in 2009. I used my favorite paper from our sample studio. Hand made ornaments were auctioned off and the proceeds were donated to our local Habitat for Humanity.
The pieces have evolved since then. And I enjoy the entire process. Each piece has to be cut and then scored perfectly to fit together. My favorite part is the last step of placing the bead in each petal's center. This is when I feel the real strength of the paper and the piece comes together.
More coming soon...
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